No Disrespect

by Atlantic Division

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This is Atlantic Division's second EP. Recorded and Mixed by Nick Ginn at Schoolhouse Studios. Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silver Birch Mastering.


released July 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Atlantic Division Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Nothing To Hide
Sit me down to talk because you're ready to be honest, you finally got the nerve to say
That I don't do enough, I fuck up everything,
And how you're so much better without me anyway
With your new found clarity and rash accusations I didn't sleep alone last night
But I got nothing to hide, take a look at your insides
Your hearts a hotel bed in a black light
Your five star reputation never meant a lot to you

Why can't I satisfy your need for affection?
You're always pulling my heart strings in the wrong direction
You gave me, the sorriest apology I've heard
So I'll give your famous please forgive me's
the fifteen seconds they deserve

Tell me how you really feel about all your girl friends and how I like them more than you
I'm always cancelling on plans we didn't make,
But it's funny what you were afraid of became the truth
Hey miss forgetful remember when you said you couldn't live without me
Begged me to stay so you could leave first and talk shit about me


Why can't I satisfy your need for affection?
You're always pulling my heart strings in the wrong direction
I was trying to rely on you I gave you every chance
But it took you fifteen goddamn seconds
To get me out of your head (Why can't I satisfy you?)
Track Name: Higher Than Clouds, Lower Than Weeds
Don't you aspire to a life of quality
Or is a burnout what you're fired up to be
You lose integrity with every word you say
And I know you love your girlfriend but you hate her in a way
I can't believe that she stays

What kind of person are you?
Spitting out lines that we all see right through
Dishonest intentions behind everything you do
What kind of person are you?

Maybe if you left your room you'd choke up on your pride
Strapped to you like a pistol at your side (so guarded)
Draw your arms, aimed at our backs, the world is in your sights
A vantage point you never left behind
But your time on earth is fleeting
Leave a history that's worth repeating

What kind of person are you?
You've left no legacy to live up to
You're whole life's a credit to your jaded point of view
What kind of person are you?

What kind of person? x2

Don't lie and pretend you're okay, I'm the exact same fucking way
And I can hardly sleep at night

What kind of person are you?
We're getting sick of all the shit you spew
Reality called and you're not gonna like the news
But there's not much you can do
Not with a person like you
Track Name: Best Excuse
Getting sleep is hard waking up is harder
Fuck the sun for coming up so early
I'm straining my neck looking for a purpose
Trying to ignore every inch of me is hurting
And that's just my best excuse that I could think to use
For being distant from you advances
And lust by a different name made our intent the same
But you've confused mistakes for second chances

I am guilty of, not reciprocating love
And I beat myself up for being undeserving
I apologize for having such a cold heart
It's getting to the point where it may never melt

Worried that I will never see the day
Where I forgive myself for pushing you away
Or learn the difference between the people I care about
And who I choose to spend my time with


I woke up one night longing for the soft touch of your body
The three words haunt my memory... regret I wasn't ready
Track Name: Easy Way Out
Three a.m. and the nights are getting easier
As I begin, to come down from my peak exposed
My clammy hands, holding on to what's left of hope
I'll ever find something real

Lonelieness eats me up inside
I can't sleep and have no appetite
And I could lie to a girl and say I love her
So she'll say it back to me
and I could settle down and have a kid at 23
As my heart falls through the cracks

And no disrespect but that seems like the easy way out
And truth be told I don't know what I'm talking about
I picked a dream up that's been bought and sold
So I'll just stick to what I hope I know

Quietly sink into my sheets
We pillow talk away the weeks
About how I seem to hate everything
How I'm only happy when I'm singing
and If I let you down I'll let you have your way


I watch my friends come and go as I stare at these empty walls
And I feel I'm not doing enough for them or myself to become a person of substance
I reflect on my bleak day to day into the late night hours and feel selfish for having these dreams
But I feel this is the only path that makes sense to me


And no disrespect but that seems like the easy way out
And I don't believe a word that comes out of my damn mouth
But I've got my best friends, and these faults I own
So I'll just stick what what I hope, what I hope I know
Track Name: Closure
Sometimes I want you to say that you still love me, I'm ashamed
I just want you to admit you never did
And more than anything i wanna scream right in your face and say you're nothing
And how little you've been missed

So if you're happy, please just remember me
So you're lonely and desperate just like I've been

And I think about closure all the time
About how you went over every line
If you said I'm sorry I'd be fine without the last word
But i don't feel any closer, to getting closure

Two years have come and gone and now I'm scared I'm done for, I'm ashamed
Of the things I wish I never did
And more than anything I wanna sit up from my bed and feel like something
Came from all the time I missed

And I've not been happy, since I remembered you
I've been sad and pathetic, just like you are


And I think about closure all the time
About how you put your needs over mine
I've had a hundred weekends to decide your names a bad word
But I don't feel any closer